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technical project

Technical topics

Bone conduction technology 

 The bone conduction loudspeaker is one kind of technology which causes the sound to pass through the skeleton directly through the vibration which causes the human cochlea's lymph, lets the human hear the sound around one kind of technology, at present this kind of technology has obtained more and more widespread application.  Due to the main transmission way of the bone conduction loudspeaker is not the usual air acoustic transduction pathway, so can ensure the wearer in communication at the same time heard around the sound, but also can let because of damage to the ear canal and cause damage to hearing users hear sounds. Positron currently has the bone conduction loudspeaker is applied in the military forces, riot police, SWAT fire field and sports market. Bone conduction microphone is microphones picking people speak of the vibration signals, converting the vibration signal into electrical signals, acoustic electric conversion.Because of its special transformation mechanism, it can effectively eliminate the noise of the surrounding environment. 


And when people talk, throat, jaw and skull and will produce vibration. Therefore, the bone conduction microphone can is worn to head anywhere. Based on the characteristics of the bone conduction microphone in positron product line already contains the bone conduction microphone, throat Mike, skull microphone. 

 Wireless technology 

 Wireless technology is a kind of using electromagnetic wave signal can be in free space propagation characteristics of a communication to exchange information, which is mainly and wired technologies. For some professional users of special task execution, wireless technology to their work to bring great help.  Our company has developed a wireless PTT wireless technology, for the user to lift the shackles of the wire. 



 Bluetooth is a kind of radio technology which can support short range communication (usually 10m), which can be exchanged between mobile phone, PDA, wireless earphone, laptop computer related peripheral equipment and so on.  Bluetooth standard is ieee802.15, working in the 2.4GHz band, bandwidth of 1mb/s. our company innovation the Bluetooth technology using in interphone audio accessories field successfully rejects between walkie talkie and ordinary Bluetooth headset communication problems. 

 voice technology 

 Voice is a commonly used in communication technology. The so-called voice technology actually is the use of speech recognition technology to achieve the control and operation of communications equipment. Based on the principle of voice control, our company for customers without the group successfully developed a variety of using voice activation technology, headphones, such as voice after wearing headphones harmony control bone conduction headphones. 


 Waterproof technology 

 Fire, military, public security, security system and industrial system of staff they in mission inevitably will encounter rain, dust, sand, floods, sandstorms and other harsh environmental conditions, and in such a situation, normal communication is a necessary condition for task completion.  Our company for these special environment, specifically designed to meet the IP protection level of intercom audio accessories (from IP54 to IP68), to meet customer needs. 

 noise reduction 

 Noise pollution is one of the three major pollution in the human society. It not only influence on people's normal life and work caused great disturbance and will of people's physical and psychological cause great harm. Noise reduction can be from the noise source, route of transmission and receiver to achieve .Noise reduction can be realized from three aspects: noise source, propagation path and the subject. 

Our company is mainly through to the recipients of door to achieve anti noise and to solve the industrial, hunting, airport personnel problems. Through a short span of a year's time, developed anti noise level of 25dB anti noise ear muffs.

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