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Since its inception in 1990, the company's R &;; D department has always been to meet customer demand as the driving force for growth,Is gradually establishing a customer demand oriented, project management as the core of the R &;; D management platform, so as to close to the market to fully understand the user needs, rapid response, and integration of innovative technologies and R &;; D and production cost advantage,  For the global army, police agencies, entertainment companies and outdoor sports enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, family travel and other products and technical services to provide high price. For the rapid response to market demand, the company's research and development department collection of electronic, structure, software, acoustic and industrial design professional. At present researchers have nearly 20 people, among them more than 20% have master's degree, more than 40 per cent of the personnel with bachelor degree, formed a strong R &;; D team.  Each year, the company adhere to the massive investment in research and development. In order to meet the needs of high-tech products R &;; D, equipped with a standard electronic laboratory, includes a variety of sophisticated equipment, such as laser vibrometer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, dass electroacoustic tester. To in acoustic neighborhood search further, R &;; D department is building an anechoic room.  The current R &;; D team has successfully launched the bone conduction microphone, wireless PTT, bone conduction headphones and Bluetooth headset, so that we have established a leading position in the hands of the same competition in the hands of technological innovation. In the past year, we have successfully completed the design and production of anti noise ear, provide a powerful weapon to enter the EU market .Completed the design of three heavy shoulder microphone and mass production, contribute to police the market stability; with strong marketing personnel to enter the civilian market, to meet the ever-changing market demand, the company in the civilian market to see the dawn. 

һ the development of electro acoustic device 

1, vibration speaker: the development of a sound in the air, directly promote the human auditory nerve devices, to provide more comfortable use of feelings, for special occasions communication. 

2. iron type loudspeaker: development of a size is only about 5 mm speaker, and has high sensitivity and satisfactory response curve, used in headphones, phone, expect it can replace now moving coil type loudspeaker and become the next generation of electroacoustic devices mainstream

Audio signal processing technology

 1, based on the DSP hardware platform, based on the multi sample rate signal processing, sub band decomposition technology, audio signal dynamic range compression algorithm, speech enhancement algorithm. 

 2, based on the DSP hardware platform based on the dimension of the filter technology, echo cancellation and active noise reduction algorithm. 

 electronic technology based on 2.4G wireless transmission hardware, the development of wireless control audio transmission technology, realize the small size of wireless, anti strong electromagnetic interference of hardware and software design and so on. 

ģ Mechanical design technology for product reliability design under extreme conditions, to achieve the products in large temperature range and reliable work (- 40 DEG C ~ 80 DEG C). High impact resistance, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, resistant to harsh climatic conditions and achieve high reliability of the product structure. 

 Production design technology upgrade is mainly based on PLC, the current production equipment to automate transformation. 

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